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Delta Variant Information

97% of people recently hospitalized from COVID-19 were sick from the Delta variant. 


The Delta variant is highly contagious. Even more so than the viruses that cause MERS, SARS, and the flu. And just as contagious as chicken pox. 


The Delta variant is responsible for 83% of current COVID cases in the USA.

Currently, 19% of COVID cases are children. 

Vaccines  & Delta Variant

Vaccines greatly reduce your chance of catching the Delta variant. And they make you much less likely to be hospitalized from it too.

Both Pfizer-BioTech and Moderna have proven 96% effective at preventing severe disease with the COVID-19 virus caused by the delta variant. 

As the Delta Variant spreads, Latinos are vaccinating at higher rates than they have previously. In the past 2 weeks, 26% of all vaccinations have gone to Latinos.

What Latino Doctors Are Saying

Headshot of Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez Fisher

Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez Fisher, the coordinator for Ventanilla de Salud with Servicios de la Raza, worries that the Latino community, already hard hit by the pandemic, will be even harder hit by the more contagious Delta variant. 

Headshot of Dr. David Gonzales

Dr. David Gonzales, chief medical officer of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, said, “Close to 99 percent of those who die now of the disease are not fully vaccinated.” There is no question the vaccines are effective, safe and the “best weapon” against the coronavirus. 

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